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Saturday, April 01, 2006

Ralph and Reality Collide: Reality Wins

Lyle Oberg doesn't look an idiot this morning for questioning Klein's leadership.

For months many people were speculating that Klein's approval rating could hit the low 50's. But Ralph setting an expirary date for himself was suppossed to give him a bit of a boost so he wouldn't have to resign in shame. When Ralph first started as premier his goal was clear- to wipe out the debt. Since then he has talked about toying with the health-care system and has never had any plan to guide a debt-free Alberta. The PC party has become stale and has made very few changes to the laws of the province (look at the Brooks labour dispute and the mistreatment of the elderly in long-term care facilities) and are infrastructure isn't keeping with the booming economy. (Alberta needs a new highway from Edmonton to Fort McMurray and Edmonton should have started expanding its LRT 10 years ago)

On April 1st his party gave a clear message that they won't support Ralph's long goodbye and his plan to turf all cabinet ministers that want the job a year and a half before the leadership race starts. Let's look at Ralph's recent record. He fired a cabinet minister who suggested people might want to seriously review Klein's leadership, and he threw a book at a page. Alberta PC's decided they didn't want their leader to continue to be a national laughing stock while their party support plummets and in 2 years select a new leader to save the sinking ship.

Klein has become too autocratic and the PC party showed they were in touch with what was happening on the ground. Albertans want a change and a new direction.


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