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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ranking of Liberal Leadership Websites

This is the first Liberal Leadership race that will be run primarily on the web. Sure all the candidates will try to meet Liberals face-to-face but the web is the easiest (and cheapest) place to release policy statements and interact with Canadians. Here's my ranking of the best designed Liberal leadership sites.

1. Ken Dryden- I like the oversized "A Big Canada" Lettering and the site isn't too cluttered with the colours in red and white. The layout is great with Ken's picture on the right and rollover links on the leftside.

2. Scott Brison- It looks similar to Dyden's site. He has a great colour scheme and a mission statement and a great picture on the front page.

3. Carolyn Bennett- Despite not being one of the front runners she has a website that sticks out from the rest. Her layout is simple with an agenda book on her desk containing the various links for her website. It's unique but should have a rollover and being an unknown- she needs her picture on the main page.

4. Bob Rae- Nice simply designed website. Bob has a nice rollover for the top header that has the Liberal logo under the headers. His main weakness is his mission statement's font is too small and lengthy.

5. Joe Volpe- I like the top header that rotates the images and the left sidebar is well designed. But the page is 3 pages long which is three times longer than most of his competitors.

6. Michael Ignatieff- The rotating images for the banner and the layout are excellent. But could they have found a better picture of Ignatieff.

7. Maurizio Bevilacqua- The last two columns are well designed like Dryden's and Brison's websites. But I don't like the flag waving because it's a bit disorientating because you can't stop it moving to read his short mission statement.

8. Martha Hall Findlay- Despite being the first candidate to put her hat in the ring her website his short on content. Her issues page looks like it was designed just on Word. But I look the front page and the news headlines could be placed in their seperate section.

9. Gerard Kennedy- The quick moving ticker is hard to read and should be replaced by a rotating text ticker that doesn't move left to right. Also there isn't a single rollover to highlight something on the main page is clickable.

10. Stephane Dion- Despite being a pundit favourite and seen as a possible compromise candidate if their is a deadlock Dion's site is horrible. His newsroom section hasn't been updated in 3 weeks and there are only a few links to click on. Also if he is running the Liberal party why are his site colours purple and white.


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