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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Conference Final Predictions

Round 1 and 2 Results
Dave: 6/12 and 0/12 right on
Joe: 5/12 and 1/12 right on
Barrelmaster: 6/12 and 1/12 right on

(2) Carolina Hurricanes vs (4) Buffalo Sabres

Dave: Buffalo didn't make it to the final four because of talent, they made it here with luck. There offense has overperformed due to weak goaltending from Esche/Nittymaki and Emery. The Carolina Hurricanes like the Tampa Bay Lightning have been under the radar all year because they play in the part of the world where nobody cares about hockey. Carolina has a strong offense led by Staal and verterans Doug Weight and Mark Recchi. They have a few key holdovers from their 2002 cup finalist season; Hedican and Wesley. Also, they have the edge in goaltending with Cam Ward who just crushed Martin Brodeur in 5 games. The one positive Buffalo has is Thomas Vanek. He's there most promising forward but he's been a healthy scratch or on the fourth line. If scoring dries up- Vanek will get more icetime. Carolina in 5 games.

Joe: Buffalo, I am a believer now. Buffalo in 6.

Barrelmaster: Buffalo in 7.

(6) Anaheim Ducks vs (8) Edmonton Oilers

Dave: This will be another tough series for the Oilers. They don't have a superstar centreman to worry about Datsyuk/Thornton, but have this playoffs best goalie. That lessens the role of Chris Pronger and will force Oilers scorers Samsonov, Smyth, and Hemsky to solve Bryzgalov. Anaheim also has a nice defense in front of Bryzgalov- Niedermayer and Beauchemin. Edmonton in 7 games.

Joe: The ducks have done horrible against the Oilers the past few years, they one every game this year, and Peca and Pronger love playing them. I think the Oilers will win Game one cause the ducks have been sitting for over a week. Edmonton in 5.

Barrelmaster: Anaheim in 7.


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