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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Second Round NHL Predictions

First Round Results
Dave: 4/8 and 0/8 right on.
Joe: 4/8 and 1/8 right on.
Barrelmaster: 4/8 and 1/8 right on.

(1) Ottawa Senators vs (4) Buffalo Sabres

Dave: The senators are still without Hasek but Emery has been playing well. But will he be able to win another playoff series for the Senators? The Sabres don't have any glaring weaknesses but don't have any area where they have the edge over the Senators. With Havlat back the senators scoring is too lethal for the inexperienced Buffalo Sabres. Ottawa in 7 games.

Buffalo in seven

Barrelmaster: Ottawa in 6.

(2) Carolina Hurricans vs (3) New Jersey Devils

Dave: New Jersey destroyed the New York Rangers with brilliant goaltending from Brodeur and a strong offensive game led by Elias. The Hurricanes came back to beat Montreal with surprising strong goaltending from their backup Cam Ward but can he maintain his game against a strong offensive team than Montreal. The Hurricans defense is too weak and I think it will be another short series for the devils. New Jersey in 5 games.

New Jersey in five

Barrelmaster: Carolina in 7.

(5) San Jose Sharks vs (8) Edmonton Oilers

Dave: A very unlikely second round matchup. The 5th place team playing the 8th place shows just how much the NHL has changed in the Western Conference especially. The Oilers had a tougher time than the Sharks in the first round. San Jose played a Nashville Predators team without Tomas Vokoun and coasted by the Predators with little help from Thornton and Cheechoo. In the last playoffs Thornton was pointless and Joe Thornton seems to have dissapeared from the scoreboard once the playoffs started. The Oilers will be a tough opponent to beat. All 6 of their defenseman are experienced and led by former MVP Chris Pronger. Not to mention Roloson in net, the Oilers should have the edge because the sharks haven't played high tempo playoff hockey yet. Edmonton in 7 games.

San Jose in seven

Barrelmaster: San Jose in 7.

(6) Anaheim Ducks vs (7) Colorado Avalanche

Dave: Very interesting series between two teams that crawled into the playoffs and now might win the conference. The Avalanche improved their goaltending with Theodore and Sakic is still going strong. But the ducks (like the sharks) were red hot entering the playoffs and just knocked off last season's Stanley Cup Finalist- the Calgary Flames. Anaheim is lead by Bryzgalov in goal, Selanne on offense, and Three time Stanley Cup Winner Scott Niedermayer. Anaheim in 7 games.

Colorado in six

Barrelmaster: Anaheim in 7.


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