In Sugar We Trust

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Obesity has skyrocketed. Our busy lifestyle has made us less physically active as people are sitting all day at work, driving everywhere, and eating greasy fast food.

In particular, in the US where the obesity rate is the highest and many fast-food restaurants and diet companies are dependent on its continuance. There are various reasons why the US is the world’s leader in producing the highest amount of 400 pounds of lard. I am narrowing the reasons to two.

Pursuit of happiness

The first is they want greasy food and could care less that their doctors tell them it is grossly unhealthy. In addition, their car dependent culture has given them the option of being immobile. America was the first democracy of the modern era but there are structural errors that have made them the most me-infatuated society in the world.

Their founding phrase is “freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. The “pursuit of happiness” is the motto for America’s me-infatuation. This America is best known to the world. The America that thumps their nose at the world, wants special status, and is a Darwinist society where everybody is on their own. Their nation sport is baseball. It is a sport hard to call a vigorous sport which contains obese players and talent depends on how much steroids you are juiced up with.

Achieving special status when it is undeserved requires deceit and intimidation. Deceit is their rejection of global warming, failure to admit their past war crimes, and the Mad Cow cover-up. It is this disdain for science that they manipulate facts when reality does not fit their wishes, and they simply alter the facts.

Like when people say America is fat, reports surface of their widespread epidemic of anorexia and the talking heads tell America to be patriotic and overindulge at fast-food restaurants. Intimidation is their disdain of the UN, using foreign aid as a political lever, and invading countries without fear of repercussions.

Inflated Arrogance

The second reason for their tubbiness is their inflated arrogance. This arrogance has made them oblivious to starving in the developing world and their cities. Yet they eat. Are they taunting the world in some sort of global hot dog eating contest they must win? They are the overweight slave driver that will not even let his slaves eat the crumbs from his plate.

As with other issues, Americans who travel internationally sometimes gain a different perspective. First, they realize how arrogant their nation is and second they realize they take up more space.

Are they fat because they eat unhealthy food or from their idleness. American food is exported throughout the entire world and no nation is as fat as Americans are. Their inactivity is what separates them from everybody else. Just look at what diet is the most popular- the Atkins diet. Their most popular diet does not involve not driving the car everywhere and moving on their without mechanical help it is a diet setup that rewards inactivity. Any high performance athlete is dependent on carbs because they give energy to burn. Due to America’s inactivity, they only really need enough food to keep breathing.

Many pundits describe America as one nation under God. Others believe it is the greatest nation the Earth as ever seen. Realistically many of the advancements of the 20th century were outside of the US which is not a good indication for a country that thinks it is the greatest empire ever. America’s religion is overeating with a culture based on sitting. It is one nation under sugar and the fattest society ever to sit on the Earth.

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