The Edge of the Earth

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Australia is the country at the edge of the earth. It is a nation with unparalleled natural beauty and danger. First settled as a penal colony it has emerged into the leading economic force of the southern hemisphere. It has twice as many kangaroos as people and is the world’s largest provider of wool. Over 80% of its people live in major cities but it has not abandoned its early roots. It has the world’s highest rate of violent crime and the second highest rate of theft. In Australia, the chances of being are almost doubled than Canada’s rate and the change of being physically assaulted is over 5 times more than if you were living in Canada. But they have a sense of “matemanship” which is loyalty to their fellow mates. As far as corruption goes, they are ranking first in the world for government and corporate honesty. Unlike in North America where employees have to worry that their boss will embezzle money out of the company, there is a greater chance that if the boss wants to take money away from you he will meet you in the parking lot and beat you with a pipe and steal your wallet.

Australia’s landscape is the home to 14 world heritage protected sites including the barrier reef and the Uluru rock. The sunburned country has over 3000 hours of sunshine a year that is 70% of the possible hours. Cape Tribulation National Park is 100 km north of Cairns and is the home to the world’s oldest plants. It is also home to a rain forest, beaches, and crocodiles. Kakadu National Park is another world heritage site that is 150 kilometres north of Darwin, is home to wildlife, and includes guides wildlife tours. Byron Bay is another piece of Aussie paradise that serves backpackers that has rainforests and clear waters.

Sydney, Australia is one the best cities in the world for sight-seeing. It is the home to the Sydney Opera house and the Sydney Harbour Bridge that is one the largest suspension bridges in the world. A lot of people to go to work by Ferry and its close the Blue Mountains, home to rainforests and gorges making it a popular getaway for the locals. The Rocks is Sydney’s oldest quarter that was once a home to crime and prostitution and is home to the Fortune of War the city’s oldest pub.

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